Region 9 Affiliate of the American Organization of Nurse Executives

Leadership Development for Nursing Professionals

Nevada Organization of Nurse Leaders

Strategic Plan 2018

Our Vision:

Nursing leadership – one voice advancing health

Our Mission:

Shaping the future of Nevada’s healthcare by developing the nurse leaders through mentorship, collaboration, and education.

Driving Force:

AONE believes leadership is demonstrated through influence and impact across the nursing professional continuum. Every nurse is a leader. As an organization, our strategic priorities and core work aim to support all nurses in their leadership journey.

Priority 1: Advocate for nursing to shape the future of health care.

A. Advance nursing leadership’s advocacy agenda.
B. Create agents of change through grassroots advocacy and influence.
C. Advocate for legislative and regulatory solutions to workforce issues.

Priority 2: Lead and influence the health care workforce.

A. Partner with academic stakeholders to prepare nurses to practice in emerging models of interprofessional care.
B. Disseminate resources for nursing leadership career progression.
C. Promote and support the elements of a healthful work environment.

Priority 3: Advance and sustain evolving nursing leadership competencies

A. Advance thought leadership through holistic and creative learning experiences.
B. Create innovative leadership development programs that drive measurable outcomes.
C. Forge partnerships to leverage collective expertise.

Priority 4: Advance and promote affordable, value-based health care.

A. Define and communicate nursing’s role in reducing the cost of health care.
B. Drive the application of evidence-based leadership practice in support of value-based care and accessibility.
C. Catalyze the design of future care delivery models.

Priority 5: Strengthen AONE’s voice through a highly engaged, inclusive and diverse membership.

A. Enhance and support nursing leadership’s community of practice.
B. Engage with industry partners to drive health care transformation.
C. Shape the narrative of the contribution of nurses to healthy communities.